Penne with Truffle sauce

“There’s no better occupation than eat, than truly eat! The appetite for the stomach is what love is for the heart. The stomach is the director that conducts the big orchestra of our passions. Parole e Sapori.

Alessandro Procacci is a dialect poet from Pesaro who wrote this sonnet in Italian, under the guidance of Rossini:

“Angelica, I would like to inform you

About the discovery of the month

A salad that can pretend

To not fear competition.

Take oil of Provence,

Add English mustard,

A sprinkling of French vinegar,

Oil, pepper, lettuce and carefully,

Some lemon juice. Then, once cut,

you should add a good truffle,

The whole well beaten and worked.

Our Cardinal who tasted

That superb dish,

Now more than ever

Has sent me his blessing”. 

(literary translation)

Today has been a very hard day, filled with appointments, job and no time for ourselves.

You don’t know what to cook, but you would not renounce the quality when you cook for yourself, your family and friends.

Here it is a quick and easy recipe truffle based.

Penne with Truffle sauce



Cook the penne in plenty of boiling salted water. Meanwhile, in a sauté pan regenerate the truffle sauce of Acqualagna Tartufi.

Drain the pasta and toss it in the pan with the truffle sauce.

Arrange on a serving dish and garnish with generous amounts of black truffle or summer black truffle slices of Acqualagna Tartufi. A simple dish, rich and tasty for all year round.

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Translation by:

Roberta Guidi rguidi@email.it 3391963583


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