• Portata: Antipasti
  • Difficoltà: Facile
  • Preparazione: 15 min
  • Cottura: 50 min









Piobbico in autumn looks like a beautiful painting thanks to its unique warm colours.

The typical summer green is replaced by shades of yellow gold, orange and flame red that

inflame with a spectacular chromaticism the slopes of Mount Nerone and Mount Montiego.

Brilliant colours that convey a typical familiar warmth.

In this wonderful landscape rich of history and culinary tradition, Tartufi Alessandro Rossi Company selects the best culinary products operating with efficiency and professionalism.


Low temperature eggs with pumpkin cream, crispy spinach and White Truffle.


  • N 4 eggs

In a saucepan: Heat the water to 60° C place the eggs and cook for about 40 minutes.


Pumpkin Cream


(or g 200 of pumpkin and truffle cream of Tartufi Rossi)

Cook pumpkin cubes in vegetable broth, already seasoned.

When finish cooking add butter and truffle previously washed and cut.

Works all the ingredients with a minipimer until obtain a smooth cream.



  • G 200 fresh spinach
  • G 30 butter
  • Salt to taste

Rinse spinach leaves under running water. Heat a pat of butter in a non-stick frying pan, add spinach for few seconds, season.

Arrange the truffle cream on a serving dish, remove the shell of the egg and place it directly in the centre, garnish with spinach and White truffle of Tartufi Rossi on top.

Serve immediately accompanied with crostini of grilled marchigiano bread.

Tartufi Alessandro Rossi Company invites you at the National Truffle Fair of Sant’ Angelo in Vado, of Acqualagna (24/10/2015-25/10/2015), in the province of Pesaro and Urbino, to taste and buy its fresh and preserved products, traditional delicacies from Marche region.


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translation by:

Roberta Guidi rguidi@email.it 3391963583




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